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Mormon in the Middle
Archived News


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(6.13.02) - No more School!! The band can now work on practicing and all the other things bands do...see you at the shows!
(6.12.02) - Two new songs finally up on check em out! 
(6.10.02) - Sorry it's been awhile.... MIM is currently back in the studio recording more songs..however most of the band's fate depends on the outcome of finals this week. wish us luck!
(5.28.02)- Went to a yellowcard show on saturday and met all 5 members.  We are now inspired, so look for some new stuff in the future.
(5.27.02)- We have a "cool quiz". yipee. take it or whatever.
(5.20.02) - Got named band of the week on some website... pretty sick i guess... quad show went well, thanks for comin out. even though you had to.
(5.10.02) - BlindSight Dropped out of Quad play... we're gonna see if we can play friday instead of Monday.  That would be most excellent.
(5.9.02)- Having some conflicts practice wise, but don't worry, it will be good on monday I promise!  Oh yeah I'm doing this from the Library at school.
(5.06.02)-  Worked out a few crazy things for our quad show... you better be there if you wanna be pleasantly surprised! 
(5.03.02)-Had our first real practice in a while today, we are trying to get things back on track for the show next week.  Thank you for all the support this band has been getting...we are working our hardest to keep our loyal fans happy! USA!!
(4.30.02)-Just got asked to play in the quad on May there!
(4.30.02)-O kellen look what I can do!  I have the power to do whatever I want.  You cannot find me.  Do not call the police.  You cannot trace me.  Sincerely, Victor.
(4.27.02)- It seems as if we never have news nowaday.. joey is still grounded, Kellen still has too much other CRAP to do to have a band practice.. Cove and Victor run too much. And Megan is beautiful of course :-) well that's all. see you in another month.
(4.13.02)- holy crap! its almost been a month! well a lot has changed since we last met. well not really. MIM is still in recovery from some progress reports so hang in there we're still tryin to get shows.. not really.. so claudia schiffer, we salute you. shaaawing. thats all.
(3.20.02)- Megan is the COOLEST girl we know. just thought we'd let you know that.  We all hope that she gets up the nerve to go to P&G on friday!
(3.17.02)- Sorry guys its been awhile since i updated.. we played lunch thursday and it was cool i guess... MIM will kind of be on hold for awhile until a couple of band members work on getting some skewl grades up... keep downloading us on mp3. so we can get some kashe. (cash)

(2.26.02) - Happy Birthday Kellen.. Shweet 16.. Also just got signed to play a brengle show, as well as the ridgcrest battle of the bands!

(2.13.02)- News flash! Mormon in the Middle is no longer playing battle of the bands because SOMEONE didn't turn the demo in! lol oh well.

(2.10.02)- Our site is up! check it out

(2.08.02)- Cove is not a homo.. i don't know why people are sayin that! he is sexy! and hes a ladies man! not a man's man!

(2.04.02)- finally updating the site.. we're all thinking of saying to heck with this band.. but we're not givin up yet! just SOME OF US (no names mentioned) need to work out some differences!

(1.25.02)- We got a guitarist for BOTB yeah i guess jordans gonna play w/ us. Geez now joey has to get good when he gets back!

(1.22.02)- Just found out that joey can't play battle LOOKING FOR GUITARIST to learn 3 songs by then. E-MAIL us.

(1.21.02)- Currently in the Studio recording our first EP
Also today we have an invite-only open practice.. call me up and maybe i'll invite you!