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Mormon in the Middle


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Joey actin hard


Joey Bradford is now a stupid sophmore instead of a freshman, and we all hate him (well some of us) but he kind of put the band together (did he???) so we feel obligated to keep him in..  Joey Plays Guitar (lead?  what?  he plays lead?) and attempts to do backup vocals (only sometimes) . Another reason we let him stay is that he has all the recording equipment.  welp, see ya later!  huc, huc, huc!

Kellen havin some fun


Kellen Asebroek is from vista.. he goes to vista high, and has been playing guitar and singing since he was in 5th grade. As if you didn't know, he plays rhythm guitar and is currently the lead singer.  Very, very, very emo kid.  cry on your shoulder emo.  buy a promise ring emo.  Knits his own sweaters emo.  Very emo.  He is 6'1" and enjoys long walks on the beach, as well as picking flowers from his lovely garden and star gazing with his girlfriend(s). What a HUNK! (and he didn't write this...)

 as usual


Cove Reber is also a Junior! at vista high school.. he plays bass and is the mormon. Although he is not commonly found in the middle of the setup, we make fun of him, not because of his religion, just kind of like how you play monkey in the middle.. but we used mormon instead.. he sings lead on some songs and harmonies on the rest.



Victor Wilson plays beats on some trashcan lids (not really.  They are really nice drums) and it sounds good. Sometimes. he is also a junior! at vista.. he used to be a band geek but then realized that hes cooler than that. That doesn't mean that hes cool, it just means he's not a band geek anymore. He is a vegan and we pity him. Okay joey lets go slaughter an innocent cow so we can have some steak and maybe get ecoli and die of food poisoning or just settle for a heart attack and die.  We'd just like to include that he is the coolest one in the band as well as the  nicest guy, so all the girls should talk to him!  Plus, the others aren't that great anyways...



Nate Bratlien is our one and only official roadie/photographer/manager/promoter/
audience/all around swell guy! Nate is the coolest guy we know, and he has been with us since the beginning. of the week.

all done.  shibby.