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Mormon in the Middle


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Lyrics from the upcoming "Stay at Home EP".
Memorize em and sing along at shows!

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For Britney

(verse 1) She is my Destiny
The girl I long to see
Id do anything for her
Everything else is a blur

(Bridge)For my heart she has the key
nothing would be better to me
than spending the night with Britney

(chorus) When I am down, I dont worry at all
I look at her life size poster on my wall
I play with my britney Barbie doll
And nothing else matters

(verse 2) For her Id do most anything
Id buy her a diamond ring
Id get rid of Justin timberlake
And britneys heart I would take

Its not enough


Sitting in my room with nowhere else to go,

I remembered that time so long ago,

Back when we were friends, when you gave a helping hand,

What ever happened to the friendship that we had?


When I fell down, why didnt you help me up?

You left me alone in tears; things were so messed up,

Why did you leave me in my time of need?

Would it have hurt you to do just one good deed?


Its not enough to say youre my friend,

Its not enough to support me at the end,

I needed you there, all the way through,

Why did I trust you?  What a stupid thing to do


Thinking about the time we shared just you and me,

I was so happy, how could I not see

That you would say goodbye when times got difficult,

Right when things got bad I should have known that youd bolt

Glory Days


Sometimes I find my self

alone and confused,

With no one to help me,

with no one to turn to,

Its then I remember

way back when

When Life was good,

When I didnt have to pretend


Remember the times of yesterday?

The days when everything was right,

No sex, no drugs, no alchohol,

when did we lose sight?


Glory Days,

The days of our youth,

Glory days,

A time of truth

Glory Days,

All of us together

Glory Days,

A time to remember


When I was a young boy,

I wanted to grow up so fast,

And now when im alone and scared,

I find I want to go back

Back to the days of yesterday

When everything was right

It makes me wonder

Why did we always fight?


Glory Days,

The days of our youth,

Glory days,

A time of truth

Glory Days,

A time to remember

Glory Days,

Now and forever



No One Will Ever Know

Just an ordinary day,
In an ordinary place
Suddenly changed forever
Destroyed by violence
Guns, bombs and death
Why Bring such unrest?

He couldn't handle It anymore,
The torment, the laughter, Why all the Pain?
Drives him off the wall, Over the edge
To commit acts inhumane
No friends at all To turn to
No one at all; People blame
Movies, TVBut societys to blame

After its over,
All said and done
Families grieving over lost love ones
And lives over before they had begun
People wonder why?
Why all the anger? Why all the hate?
who chose this child's fate?
Innocent children killed just for fun
Wasted lives Forever young...


Fool Proof Plan


It would be so easy

Almost as easy as pie

I could just climb straight through your second story window

Its just so easy I might dye

My hair because you like it better light

I just want to make you happy

If you could turn around one moment and tell me the way you feel about it

Then I could open your eyes to


My fool proof plan, its what I need

To guarantee the upper hand

I cant go wrong unless some how

You might just fail to understand

My mind, inside my eyes behind closed doors

Maybe you can

Just think about it, just wait and see


Tonight Im walking down the street

Talking inside my head

Going over all the things that

You most definitely said, Im getting lost

This winding road is taking me, oh nowhere fast

If I just stop to think about it

If we just stop and sing about it!

Its just quite possible Id find my way.

Doesn't matter where you are
seems your always there
pictures constantly remind me
of the times we shared
Pictures on the wall
painted by my heart for you
don't forget me i won't you
i'll see you soon
falling down, falling out
i'm fallin for you and now i see what you've become to me
a perfect match together
one that lights the flame
you know it's true
you are the girl of my dreams
became the best of friends
now that time has passed
becoming older, wiser, stronger
formed a friendship that still lasts
everything is cool
when your around
and your voice is the only sound i hear
theres no coincidence
it's you i need
no coincidence at all